Ideological Liar

Nothing is certain. There is always a little bit more we can reach towards and integrate, thereby rendering our previous conceptualizations outdated and useless. Conclusions enclose, and the totally enclosed are doomed.

This is the truth that is not found in the purely ideological. Ideologies appeal to people because they provide definitive conclusions about what is going on, but the world as such cannot be encompassed by any man-made conclusion.

So ideologies lie. They assure their followers that this is how it is and that the ought to be derived from what it preaches, while it may not enforce it upon its followers explicitly, is implied and therefore makes the ideologically minded do the work lest they be guilty of hypocrisy. They hide the truth of a perpetually non-conclusive development of universal happenings.

Absolute uncertainty in an individual is, of course, felt as though it is a kind of sickness. One cannot operate without some conclusions. However, the opposite is also an illness though a more unconscious one. Total certainty traps one inside their insufficiency. Without room for the perpetually non-conclusive, one cannot shed their skin, so to speak, and move beyond themselves to avoid living in an error that would inevitably lead to a destructive existence.

Do not trust the comfy satisfaction of ideologically-backed conclusions, because the truth today as it is clearly understood must undergo an alteration tomorrow, as well as the next day, and the next, because the fluidity of the universe makes it so hard to pin down. Once the truth shifts, only those who have allowed room for the non-conclusive and have not completely relied on the lies of ideologies will survive and traverse the waters peacefully.



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Noah Lloyd

Noah Lloyd

Writing whatever comes to mind .